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“Small Changes” will begin with the theme of “How to Improve Your Breathing”. Sometimes a small change will involve leaving something out of your life. Sometimes a small change will mean adding to your daily habits, or may simply mean making an adjustment. For example, improving your breathing should begin with the practice of noticing how you already breathe. No time needs to be added to your day. While driving you can pay closer attention to how frequently you take a breath. While falling asleep you can watch yourself slow down as you let go of the day’s events. When faced with a challenge, notice how your breathing reacts to a stressor. For the next week choose some places and times to begin the routine of studying your breath. Don’t try and change it. Don’t try to make it deeper or longer, or change the sound. Just observe it. Next column we will begin the practice of opening the breath pathway. Those same times and places will be used to begin to deepen your practice and improve your breathing. More
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