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Do-it-Yourself Springtime Detoxification Choose one (or more): Green tea- drink one or two cups a day Put 1or2 cups of Epsom salts in a bath and soak. Legs Up the Wall – lie on your back, put your legs up the wall. Bend your knees and move farther away from the wall if this stretch becomes uncomfortable. Or, place your legs on a chair or the couch. Stay there for a few minutes, or more. Spinal Twist Sitting at the edge of a chair, look over your left shoulder. Slide your left shoulder back and your right shoulder forward. With every exhale wring yourself out a bit more. Repeat to the other side. Up Your Water Intake – try keeping track one day of how much water you drink. You might be surprised! Consider making detoxification strategies a part of your every day life! How about tackling a small but challenging change? Choose something about which you have a negative, bad attitude. If you haven’t been able to turn that bad feeling in to a positive one, try softening it instead. The reaction in your gut will tell you if an improvement has taken place. Remember, you get better at what you practice. Why not get better at feeling better? More
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